• BHL: Conversations #CheetahInAugust & #LHHH Aftershow with Miss Nikki Baby



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    This week on BHL: Conversations, I sat down with the ladies of the season 2 cast of Amazon Prime & Bawn TV’s “Cheetah In August.” In the interview, we talk the show’s creative direction and inspirations with the creator, Anthony Bawn, and exactly what all of these these ladies will be bringing to the upcoming season. We also dish on intersectionality and how psychology, love, sex and religion play key-components in the show’s overall theme… Plus, we have a BHL exclusive with a season 2 teaser! “Cheetah In August” season 2 premieres on BawnTV.com October 25, and Amazon Prime November 1.

    This week on the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” aftershow, Courtney, Jesse & I had the pleasure of interviewing fan-favorite, Miss Nikki Baby, live in-studio. We discuss everything from why she chose to be so secretive with Rosa and Safaree, who she enjoys sex with more, how she handles on haters online and what she has coming up in her business ventures.

    Plus, she dishes on why she was NOT invited to Princess & Ray J’s wedding. The answer might surprise you. Check it out below

    As an added bonus, Check out this weeks WAGS and BBWLA aftershows as well

  • #KATRadio Episode 27: “I Pledge Allegiance To…Wait.”

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    This week on Kiss + Tell, We discuss the Pledge of Allegiance and dissect an article from @blavity.  As a child, were you aware of what you were saying? –or were you mindlessly just repeating a routine?  We also flashback to High School days, what “Mean Girls” character most represented who we were at the time, and how does that go hand-in-hand with the way we operate today?

    Plus, do you ever STOP worrying? The difference between handling stress, set backs, and ‘no’ versus how we handled it in our early 20s. And finally, a question from a #KATradio listener who wants to if the connection between  labels and prejudice correlate. #KATRadio is available on  @revrytv @itunespodcasts and @soundcloud!


  • Afterbuzz TV’s BBWLA & WAGS Aftershows


    This week, for #BBWLA, I sat down and had a one-on-one with one of the stars of the show, Jackie Christie! Find out how Jackie feels about the never-ending Brandi vs Shaunie apology storyline, and what REALLY went down durning the ski trip. Jackie also dishes on who her favorite and least favorite castmate is this season.

    You don’t want to miss this one!

    Check it out below

    Then, Trené & I dish on all things WAGS! Drama OVERLOAD at Barbie and Sheldon’s wedding when Olivia’s boyfriend, Marcedes, is caught calling Sophia–and Natalie intersects! Plus, Nicole seems to really be having wedding fever more than usual, but Larry doesn’t seem like he’s into the idea…yet. again. All of that and so much more!

    Check it out below!

  • Afterbuzz TV’s BBWLA & WAGS Aftershows

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    This week on the Basketball Wives: LA aftershow, we  talk the showdown from Angel Brinks’ event. Do you think Malaysia took it too far when she showed up in her sweats ready for war?

    We also discuss Jackie…being Jackie, Duffey & Malaysia making amends, and Angel Love is causing QUITE the stir. Plus, who’s side are you on—Brandi’s or Shaunie’s? Does Brandi need to apologize, or should she just let it go?

    Boy, oh boy…I think we all can agree WAGS was a contradictory HOT MESS this week. We have to address the elephant in the room…Sophia and Marcedes. Do you think Sophia violated a major girl/sister code by hanging out with her sister’s new beau? Barbie is being super messy with these wedding invites! Autumn should totally be invited. We also talk Nicole’s maybe/maybe not upcoming engagement..do you think it’s tacky to propose during someone else’s wedding festivities?

    Let me know!


  • Black Hollywood Live: Conversations with Shar Jossell feat. Michellé Michaels

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    This week, on BHL:Conversations, I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Michellé Michaels. She recently set the blogs on fire with her re-interpretation of Beyoncé’s LEMONADE (and she quickly garnered the nickname “the Transgender Beyoncé.”)


    In the interview, we talk all things ‘black girl magic’ including what resonated and inspired this LEMONADE remake, what are some of her preshow rituals, the importance of camaraderie, and we even delve into her personal life! You don’t want to miss this!

    Here’s her version… “Lemonade: Served Bitter Sweet”


  • Afterbuzz TV’s “WAGS” & “LHHATL” Aftershows

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    This week, Trené and I had two special guests in studio! Stars from season 2 of WAGS, Nicole Williams and newcomer, Sophia Pierson stopped by to catch up and talk all things from episode 3 ..and MORE!

    Do you think Tia was flirting with Marcedes?

    Do you think Nicole was wrong for not telling Natalie that Shaun was going to be at Larry’s birthday party?

    Was it wrong for Nicole to try on dresses at Barbie’s fitting?

    …and who’s side are you on..Natalie’s or Autumn’s?

    We hash it all out, you do not want to miss this episode. Check it out below!

    Then, for Love & Hip Hop…I stopped by to unpack all of the ratchetness from our favorite Monday night trainwreck.

    Lyfe Jennings reemerges and gives Karli a promise ring…in the messiest way possible, Amber ruins her cosmetic line launch, Steebie throws a pool party and LA–and of course, things go ALL the way left! We talk all of that and so much more. Be sure to tune in and tweet me what YOU think.

    ICYMI, check out the WAGS aftershow from last week. Season 2, Episode 2 🙂

  • ICYMI: Afterbuzz TV’s “WAGS” and “LHHATL” Aftershows



    In case you missed it, E!’s WAGS is back for season 2  (..and without Ashley!) Jesse, Trené and I talk everything from the messiness of Barbie not inviting Sasha to her wedding..but letting her throw a bridal shower for her, Natalie’s new relationship and Autumn’s reality tv ‘parents’ ..Plus find out what we think about the newest castmember, Sophia

    On the #LHHATL aftershow, I sat in for Courtney, and we discuss and dissect this trainwreck of an episode..Stevie goes on a ‘press tour’ and announces to the world that he and Joseline are not (and were never) legally married, Yung Joc gets water spilled on his $1000 shirt and gets his #thighmeat assaulted by his friend’s “girlfriend,”–Amber– and Momma Dee dusts off her Kris Jenner wig and tries to hook Scrappy up with Betty Idol.

  • Afterbuzz TV’s “RHOP” and “LHHATL” Aftershows



    This week, on the grand finale of the Potomac Housewives first season reunion–Courtney and I sat down to discuss all of the shade being thrown across the reunion stage..from Katie and Andrew’s engagement being called off, to Charisse and her husband not being on speaking terms AT ALL! We also discuss Michaels’ Aussie style, Ray and Karen Huger…and sexual fluidity. You don’t want to miss this one!

    Yesterday, I filled in on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” aftershow and booooy did we have a lot to talk about! #ASAWOMAN We talk Scrappy and ‘the Bambi’s” complicated kinda/sorta relationship…and how it’s getting in the way of his budding relationship with Betty Idol (who wears her REAL HAIR). I personally thought D.Smith was totally out of line for how she did Tammy, Oluremi reveals to Steebie that she’s now in a same-sex relationship…and what did you think about Tommie “prison lip” Lee vs Tiara (ps, the 24:00 mark with @SinseDontPlay was HILARIOUS)

    **It should be noted that I chose to part ways with the “I am Cait” aftershow due to scheduling conflicts, but I’m still open to tweeting about it 🙂

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    Shar Jossell is a media personality, entertainment reporter and pop culture guru. Known to the world as “Your favorite’s favorite,” Shar began her career hosting a weekly pop culture review on her YouTube channel “Shar Says So” in 2013. She now works as a correspondent on Maria Menounos & Kevin Undergaro’s  AfterBuzz TV–the aftershow network. She’s also a cohost on the biweekly LGBT podcast Kiss & Tell Radio, and is a regular on the Kiss & Tell Live show in Los Angeles. Born and raised in south suburban Chicago, she left to earn a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Langston University in Oklahoma. After later moving to Los Angeles to further her career in media, she quickly learned that Hollywood was another breed of opportunities. Being a trans woman of color, she is making moves in the entertainment industry to educate and socialize main stream media with her own story and witty character.


    SharSaysSo will be relaunching Summer 2016!

  • Afterbuzz TV’s “I Am Cait,” “RHOP,” & “RHOA” aftershows



    This week, on “Cait” we dissect one of the most emotional episodes yet! The Trans Day Of Rememberance is acknowledged and we also get a visit from Kourtney Kardashian’s on again- off again boyfriend, Scott Disick…and Candace’s dating issues are brought to the forefront.  Check it out below:

    This week on Potomac housewives, we talk the season 1 finale. What were your thoughts on the explosive “Come To Jesus” luncheon that Gizelle put together for the girls? Karen STILL doesn’t want to give Ashley a break and Andrew FINALLY proposes to Katie.

    On the explosive season 8 reunion finale of the Atlanta housewives, we FINALLY get a visit (and a few reads) from OG, Nene Leakes! Todd and Kandi tag-team Phaedra about her manipulative ways and Chris confronts Kenya over those pesky “Chrissy” rumors.